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What is the meaning of FIDES?

FIDES was the Roman goddess of trust.  FIDES means trust in the public sense of being open and honest in our dealings with each other.  In keeping with this, the FIDES product provides a superior platform for analyzing and sharing quality data.  This allows both individual physicians and the practice as a whole to evaluate the care that they give, track and improve outcomes, and ultimately demonstrate the quality of their services to all of the many healthcare stakeholders.

How long does it take to fill out the form?

Completing the FIDES form will take less than 30 seconds!

How do you benchmark?

Choosing the appropriate benchmarking methodology is critical to using your quality data effectively.  FIDES' experienced and knowledgeable implementation team will help you determine benchmarking parameters during the implementation phase as they have done successfully with many other groups.

Will FIDES work with AQI?

FIDES works extremely well with AQI. FIDES can send both registry uploads as well as QCDR data to the AQI on its client’s behalf.

What type of anesthesia records does FIDES work with?

FIDES works with both paper and electronic anesthesia records (AIMS) and works with you as you transition from one to another without losing any data.

Will FIDES work with my billing service?

Yes, we have worked with a number of billing vendors / inside billing services and uploaded cases to AQI.

Is FIDES easy to use?

The data, entered by providers at the point of service, takes only 15 to 30 seconds to complete.  It is so easy to use our anesthesia providers complete the data entry at the point of service over 95% of the time and for over 500,000 cases a year.

Who captures the data?

With FIDES, collecting the data only takes a matter of seconds, so regardless of who actually captures the information it is quick and easy.  In many instances the PACU nurses capture the data in the normal course of their responsibilities.  In other scenarios the anesthesiologists capture the data whether at the OR or PACU.  There are myriad other workflows, such as capturing postoperative phone call data at ASC's, that require different solutions.  That's where our years of experience really make a difference.  Regardless of the obstacles, we have solutions for you and your practice.  Quick, Easy, and Effective is what our clients say about FIDES.  We hope we have the opportunity to demonstrate FIDES to you!

How can I contact you?

Feel free to contact us by calling our toll free number 1.855.257.2918 or email Gina Staples at gstaples@fidesqa.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.