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Press Releases

FIDES Designated by the AQI as a QCDR-Ready Vendor

May 5, 2015

FIDES has officially been designated by the Anesthesia Quality Institute as a QCDR-Ready Vendor. This designation recognizes FIDES for its ability to capture QCDR measures within its database and to report those measures to the AQI’s Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). This is an important feature for FIDES and its clients and is a natural extension of FIDES’ existing quality improvement capabilities. QCDR reporting provides practices with an alternative to traditional claims-based PQRS reporting and gives them more flexibility in the measures they can use to avoid the PQRS payment penalties imposed by CMS. We’re excited to be able to offer QCDR data collection and reporting as a service to our clients and know it will be an important and effective tool for FIDES’ clients as they work to avoid penalties, improve quality and patient safety.

FIDES Honored and Designated a PSO

December 5, 2012

Fides has officially been designated a Patient Safety Organization (PSO).  This is a significant step in assuring that FIDES can continue to improve patient safety and quality of care by designating FIDES a secure environment leveraging the privilege and confidentiality protections of a PSO for its members.  Also, a global provider of health care and higher education research, the Advisory Board Company, recently met with executives at Spectrum Medical Group to discuss the process used in taking FIDES from conception through execution and have decided to profile FIDES in an upcoming "National Summit Series" as a best practice for identifying and implementing ideas for new means of growth for the company.

"My research team and I were very impressed with the process you used to identify new means of growth and how you developed FIDES into a standalone product to leverage with other physicians groups, and would like to profile both these aspects as best practice examples at our upcoming National Summit Series." - Aliza Bach, The Advisory Board Company

FIDES Forms Patient Safety Organization

October 10, 2012: Effective date of initial listing

South Portland, Maine.  October 2012

FIDES now offers its customers the benefits of partnering with a Patient Safety Organization.  FIDES' mission is to improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare delivery in anesthesia services in all phases of the patient anesthetic experience.  As a Patient Safety Organization, FIDES will provide a framework for reporting safety events and quality data to enhance knowledge, advance learning and improve patient care.  Click here to read more.

FIDES Quality Anesthesia Software News

March 2011: Medical Anesthesia Group Selects FIDES Quality Anesthesia Software

South Portland, Maine. May 2011

FIDES Quality Software, a provider of Anesthesia Quality Software announced that Medical Anesthesia Group (MAG), located in Memphis TN, will be implementing FIDES Quality services into their Practice. Memphis Anesthesia Group is the leading provider of a full spectrum of high quality anesthesia services to the population of the mid-south. They did over 40,000 cases in 2010.

MAG selected FIDES because it will allow them to track quality data in an efficient, simple and cost effective manner. This in turn will improve patient and practice outcomes and increase financial revenue. FIDES implementation will also aid in meeting regulatory and educational requirements. FIDES will also supply data to AQ I, saving the Practice time and staffing resources.

“Anesthesia’s Relationship with the hospital and the ability to maintain current levels of income are dependent on our ability to prove our worth. High quality is the determining factor and FIDES will help us measure and improve our quality.” - Glen Wimmer –Practice Administrator, Medical Anesthesia Group


In 2010, Spectrum Medical Group (click here to view website), a large private practice group which serves multiple sites in New England, began to market FIDES - an innovative quality improvement tool which Spectrum had developed for internal use and has been in continuous use since 1991.  FIDES is now available commercially and is utilized by anesthesiology practices nationwide.  The ability to easily and cost effectively collect relevant quality data on every case allows a practice to improve patient care and establish a significant market advantage.